Men Suffering From Depression

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Men Suffering From

Are you feeling like life is too hard and you simply want to check out permanently? I hear you man, but seriously you can turn things around. I’ve been there and now I can enjoy life. I want to help you through your depression and get you back in the game..

I mean lets face it, life definitely has some ups and downs, chicks can really mess with your head, shit happens, and life just continues on. Many times you have absolutely no control over what is happening...


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September 6, 2019

I Feel Really Bummed – What Can I Do? Part 2

You might be wondering why I didn’t I mention going  for a motorcycle ride instead of singing songs with the radio? Well, that’s because as I’m […]
September 6, 2019

“Hello boys, I’m Baaaaaaack!” (Russell (Randy Quaid) in “Independence Day”)

Hello, hello website and friends, I’ve been gone a long time and a lot of shit has happened since last I was here. I’ve had a […]
September 6, 2019

I Feel Really Bummed – What Can I Do?: Part 1

Here’s Something To Try When You Are Really Depressed, or Sad About Something: Here’s something that works for me when I get really down inside about […]

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Depression Symptom

Everyone feels sad, irritable, or tired at times. Many people experience difficulty sleeping when they’re under stress. These are normal reactions to life stressors that typically pass within a few days..

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