“Hello boys, I’m Baaaaaaack!” (Russell (Randy Quaid) in “Independence Day”)

I Feel Really Bummed – What Can I Do?: Part 1
September 6, 2019
I Feel Really Bummed – What Can I Do? Part 2
September 6, 2019

Hello, hello website and friends,

I’ve been gone a long time and a lot of shit has happened since last I was here. I’ve had a few trips to the hospital including open heart surgery, arrested breathing during a colonoscopy (emergency intubation – 911 trip to ER), a couple of atrial fibrillation (AF) incidents, and some other stuff. Shit truly happens! I still have depression – but, I’m coping. So, my intention is to reactivate my website and see if I can help some of you out there that aren’t doing so well at handling your depression. I’ll be posting quotes about depression and reorganizing my site. I truly want to help you and teach you how to survive this condition. I let a lot of shit slide: posting, meditation, not following my own advice, giving up at times, etc. But as I’m reminded by the famous Queen song, “The Show Must Go On”. As with all things, time will tell. I’m challenging myself, and in turn, maybe you’ll do the same. I’m back on the “S” Road. – Glenn (Greywolf)