Social Media Branding Strategy: Using "Touch Points" to create Strong Brands

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    Social media creates contemporary, world class brands. These brands are created because social media allows a marketer to interact with customers over lots of “touch points”. These many touch points allow brands in order to become “friends” with their clients and to create personal relationships with customers. The creation of these relationships is the way that a modern brand is generated. This is the modification that social networking has brought to contemporary advertising. As a poll conducted by The Economist in April, 2009, tells us, “People no longer believe in advertising and marketing any longer–they believe in their friends”. Developing a brand is done by preparing a relationship with an organization’s customers. How is this done? It is accomplished by the use of several touch points. Just how does a marketer utilize “multiple touch points”?
    To answer that question we’ve understand the nature of Social media. Social networking has created a “perfect storm” for a marketer. to be able to create robust brands a marketer must have scale along with a presence. To create a world class brand name, a marketer needs to have a lot of people, & they need a place where they are able to connect that large amount of buyers. Social media platforms let a marketer to do this. Roughly ¼ of the world’s population should be to a social networking platform. Facebook, if it were a country, could be the fourth largest nation in the globe. Several of these platforms are integrated with each other. Five billion thoughts are shared by consumers on-line yearly about services and products based on Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler, Forrester Research analysts. This means that social media platforms provide a common meeting area for an excellent many men and women to meet and to communicate.
    Scale and platform has changed how people, especially people in a global economy, communicate. In new media, manufacturers are produced when someone communicates to somebody else, generally the friend of theirs about a product as well as its benefits. “Friends” have a chat and companies are advised. This particular recommendation amongst friends generates world class brands. Social media has developed modern marketing from a “push” world, in which items are produced as well as pressed on consumers to some “pull” world where consumers dictate to internet marketers what the end user wants.
    Social media created more touch points–places where marketers and consumers–“friends”–engage. This has changed stylish marketing. New media are able to create and produce a brand overnight. 2 main examples are definitely the Ford Fiesta and President Obama. Absolutely no money was spent on an advertising campaign for the Fiesta. Ford made a social media campaign which lasted six months. This campaign involved many touch points. Rather than typical advertising, Ford’s campaign revolved around posts, blogs, video, and texts. At the end of the plan, the Fiesta had thirty eight % brand recognition in its target market. Within the very first week that it was available, the Fiesta sold 10,000 units, an unusual quantity for a brand new vehicle. In comparison, Ford had spent millions on a standard marketing campaign, spread over two years for its Fusion. After all of that expense, the Fusion had a bit less than a thirty eight % recognition number. In the circumstances of President Obama, in early 2007 he was virtually unknown with no money, although he won the Presidential election in 2008. Social media advertising works. For a brand to be produced, consumers need to know about the brand, and they should perceive it to be different from some other items in the advertising space of its. They’ve to be convinced the brand is going to add something substantial to their life. To order the brand, in a social networking age, consumers have to be comfortable with the brand in the exact same way that they are at ease with a friend. This’s what happened in Fusion and also in the Obama campaign. The key to social media branding will be the wise use of touch points.
    To create a modern manufacturer, a marketer has to create their brand to become almost like a genuine person–a brand has to be somebody you can trust, someone you like hanging out with. This’s the reason why multiple touch points are important. The greater contact that is produced the greater the consumers start to be comfortable with the brands. Branding a merchandise is probably love preparing a friendship with someone. From the human relationships of ours, the more we get tiktok Views to know someone, the greater that we trust them. The more we trust someone, the more we’re prepared to overlook their shortcomings. In a group of individuals, we choose the friends of ours, and also we decide with whom to spend time with, even though we recognize our friends have shortcomings. Our friends, in life that is real, have brands. We’ve trust for those individuals, for this reason we develop relationships with them. This’s how the brands of ours are to be created in a social networking age.
    You will find two sources which do a great job in outlining the dynamic of this trust building and how it relates to modern day marketing. The June 2009 issue of The McKinsey Quarterly, written by Susan Mulder, Dave Elzinger, and David Court, describe “The Consumer Decision Journey”. The Harvard Business Review of 12/10, written by David Edleman, explains the usage of multiple contact points in content entitled “Branding In the Digital Age”.
    “Touch points” are some of those precious moments each time a marketer meets a customer, simply when a purchasing choice is likely to be produced. This’s the tool that social networking provides to a marketer. Social networking is marketing in real time. Social networking allows a marketer to find out just when a person is going to come up with a purchase. Social networking has made it possible for the conversation between 2 “friends” (brand as well as consumer) to develop from a single way discussion (conventional advertising–old media) to a two way conversation (new media)

    buy tiktok viewsA prosperous brand becomes a “friend” to a consumer. Friend customer tells friend brand specifically as soon as the consumer chooses to purchase. The friend brand uses the purchasing experience as easy as possible. Through constant conversations on a social networking platform, a brand is able to reach consumers in the suitable place, at the proper time, with message that is right.

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