Product Reviews

Over the coming weeks I’m going to be reviewing the products below for your information (and mine).

I personally purchased and used these programs, so I could honestly evaluate their effectiveness. I figure if they work for me, there a good chance they’ll work for you, too!

If they do work for me, then I will feature them in my store, and if they don’t, then I will remove them from my site, and I will tell you not to waste your money.

The products I am going to test are:
  1. Attracting Abundance with EFT
  2. Clearing Clutter with EFT
  3. Finding The Love You Want Breakthrough Program
  4. The Tapping Solution
  5. From Overwhelm To Clarity

So look for my reviews on these products over the coming weeks to see what kind of results I’ve gotten (or not gotten) from them. That’s it for now. In the meantime, keep on tapping, man. – Glenn Jones

Attracting Abundance With EFT

07/08/11 – Today marks the first day I have begun using Carol Look’s Attracting Abundance with EFT. I will be writing periodic updates as I move through her program. Once I have finished the program I will review it in full – GJ

07/28/11 – Okay, here it is: my honest review of Carol Look’s Attracting Abundance With EFT

What it consists of: one Ebook and 96 mp3s.

Summary: Carol explains in detail what EFT is, how to tap, and takes you through a whole gamut of tapping exercises on problems ranging from fear of success, self sabotage, and beliefs of scarcity, to feelings of self doubt, unworthiness, and fear of failure. The idea is that these negative beliefs and fears act as energy blocks to attracting our abundance and that these tapping exercises will remove the negative blocks that may be keeping us from our wealth and happiness.

What I liked about the program: It addressed many of my own issues of feeling of unworthy of wealth and undeserving of it.

Carol hit the nail right on the head with mental blocks I know I have around these issues. That’s what she calls these kinds of blocks and negative beliefs surrounding abundance – ” issues.” I tapped on all kinds of “ issues ” like the ones I mentioned and on others such as fear of success, fear of rejection, “money worries”, “supply/running out”, “scarcity of money”, “can’t feel good until…”, worries about being poor, being rich, struggling in life, and much more.

Lots of good stuff here for me considering all the negative shit I’ve picked up on over the last 59 years of living on this planet. I do feel more positive and self-empowered upon completing this course, and although I haven’t quit my day gig yet, I believe I am well on the way.

I think I will be using this program to work on myself over the coming weeks, and the thing is, I want to do it, and I am actually eager to do it.

I think of doing this kind of like riding a motorcycle – it’s the journey that’s important – not the destination. Besides, I look at it this way, maybe this program will help me get rich, maybe not. But, anything that helps me to get rid of negative beliefs and attitudes (or what I call stinkin’ thinking), and helps me feel better about me and improves my outlook on life, can’t hurt.

What I didn’t like: The audio is low quality in that you can hear sirens, occasional voices, and alarm beeps in the background, some banging, etc, which I find distracting, so this obviously wasn’t done in a studio with the audiophile in mind. But, it gets the job done.

The program format is, in my opinion, somewhat robot like. Carol Look reads the book word for word, and you can either read along with her as she reads, or you can sit back, close your eyes and just listen to her voice, then do the tapping exercises with her as she reads them aloud.

Results: I went through the entire program doing maybe five or six tapping sessions a day until I completed the whole program. While I did not become a multi-millionaire immediately after completing this program, I did feel better – like I have more hope. Yeah, I still have doubts, but hey, now I’ve got a tool to deal with them – that’s good, yes, or yes?

Conclusion: So basically if you’re not a sound quality junkie then this program may help you. There’s only one way to find out, yes or yes? If you want to try it yourself Click Here.

Product Pros:
  1. Variety of useful techniques.
  2. Techniques were fun to do and I started looking forward to completing them.
  3. Great information on mental blocks to abundant living that can aggravate, or trigger depression ( I mean if I’m broke, or struggling because I don’t have enough money, love, success, whatever, I am depressed, yes, or yes?)
Product Cons:
  1. Mp3s were kind of robotic – Carol just read the book.
  2. Some background noise in mp3s, which was a bit distracting.
RATING (4.5)

Next up, I will be going through Carol Look’s and Richard Wilkes program Clearing Clutter With EFT. Folks, you have no idea how bad I need this one. Since the break up with the girlfriend I feel like I’ve been living in a mausoleum. I just let everything go, although there was plenty of clutter before the ex-girlfriend and her adult kids left. But, it’s gotten worse.

Yeah, I’m still going through some shit, man; but, I feel like I’m getting the strength to face it, and deal with it. When you’re depressed you don’t give a crap about the crap that you’ve allowed to build up in your pad, man, until you can hardly take a step without running into things.

So, I’m going to put this product’s money where its mouth is and test it out to see what happens. Be watching in the next few days and in the coming weeks as I go through this program, and deliver the results to you be it good, bad, or indifferent. My word on it, man!

Clearing Clutter with EFT

08/28/11 – I have just begun Carol Look’s and Rick Wilkes Clearing Clutter With EFT. This is a telephone interview with Rick Wilkes conducted by Carol Look. Again, the audio is low quality, something that I’m sensitive to because I am a musician. However, the product is tied in with abundance EFT, a topic that certainly interests me, so I’m not going to let the low quality audio affect the good I can take away from this product. I will be posting my progress and let that act as my review for the product withholding my rating until I complete the program. That’s all for now.

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